The creative is known for being resourceful and flexible. These properties have come in handy in recent months, when change was required in many situations. But in a world that is unpredictable, it sometimes seems difficult to change course. Flip the switch – how do you actually do that? This program highlights creative makers who have turned the button.

As head of PR at HALAL, Ine Kim helps creatives to work together and to translate and realize their concept. When all the work came to a halt, they asked themselves the question “What can we do and how can we renew ourselves?”. Together with Halal they launched the platform “Lockdown Productions”, in which independent makers are connected.

Filmmaker and creative centipede Safi Graauw started studying Earth Science and has developed over the years as a self-made filmmaker, strategist & marketer. He is also the founder of creative platform Cavemen. How do you get from Earth Sciences to the art of filmmaking? And when do these two worlds overlap?

When the corona virus made its appearance, film producer & podcast maker Allen Grygierczyk saw opportunities. He changed course and seized the situation to plunge into a long-cherished wish; his own restaurant. Klein started at home from his kitchen and in the meantime can be found weekly at a guest location in Bos en Lommer under the name Mizeria.

Photographer Sabine Rovers worked on her graduation project for six months, until she had to change everything two months before the deadline because the country went into lockdown. In the meantime, she has successfully graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague with her project “Cowboy Kees”.

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