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In Chameleon the wannabe-actor Chris and his three childhood friends want to make it in life and escape the deprived neighborhood they grew up in. When they accidentally have a run-in with local gangster Murat which ends up with them owing the guy 10k, things heat up very fast. Will they be able to stay on the right track or will the gangster life turn out to be inescapable? What about their dreams?

Production Company: De Mensen
Written by: Kristof Hoefkens, Malik Mohamed
Director: Safi Graauw 

Director of Photography: Noel Schoolderman


Young runners working in a pizza-delivery restaurant in uptown Amsterdam try to become leaders of the workplace, one pizza at a time. Koeriers is a new comedy/drama webseries to be developed for in cooperation with KRO-NCRV. Koeriers has made history because it is the first-ever show from the dutch public broadcast corporation with a main cast consisting only of people of color. Watch here.

Format: Webseries
Age: 15-22 yrs
Episodes: 16
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Duration: 7 minutes
Written by: Manju Reijmer 
Director: Safi Graauw 
Director of Photography: Sami El Hassani 
Producer: Maarten Swart 


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