In Spaceship Earth, astronaut André Kuipers takes a unique look at the Netherlands. The six-part documentary series zooms in on our living environment and is packed with fascinating space and nature images that highlight our complex, but also beautiful ecosystem of animals, plants and people.

Andre Kuipers in Space.

Together with narrator Kim van Kooten, André Kuipers embarks on a journey of discovery in our country, looking for the beauty and fragility of Dutch nature and how we as residents of the Netherlands are connected to it in our daily lives.

The documentary series provides an enchanting view of our country, based on never-before-seen impressive nature images from the archives of ESA/NASA and the ISS space station and through beautiful stories from passionate experts and nature lovers.

Each episode of Spaceship Earth focuses on a different theme: light, water, soil, air, nature and humans. Through these themes, the unique and complex ecosystem is shown in a way that we do not yet know. ‘We may marvel at how beautiful our planet is, but from space you realize all the more how great the human impact is, which disrupts the natural balance,’ explains André Kuipers.

Spaceship-earth preview

Spaceship Earth can be seen weekly from Wednesday 22 February at 20:30 on KRO-NCRV on NPO 1 and NPO Start

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