Web drama series Koeriers wins in the category Best Online Series during the Hashtag Awards. Hot Pepper organised the Awards on Monday march 7th. The professional award for online and on-demand video. The Awards were created to reflect on all the beautiful work that is being done in the online video world. Koeriers competed against The Bachelor and “Jachtseizoen” in this category.

“Koeriers” is about the quick-witted Winston who sees himself as a real businessman, but still works as a courier at the loss-making pizzeria Sadik Pizza Palace. When Winston decides to help the sweet owner Onur, he has to deal with disobedient couriers, nagging customers and critical receptionist Chanel. But does he have what it takes to save the case?

The “Koeriers” series shows what the young couriers have to deal with on a daily basis; situations that are recognisable, painful, funny and often unspoken. A web-only drama series that shows young people that understanding each other’s differences makes the world a better place for everyone.

Read more (in dutch): https://kro-ncrv.nl/koeriers-wint-video-award-voor-beste-online-serie

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