Safi Graauw (31) is a renowned director. The advertising industry often lacks innovation and guts, he says. ‘We see trends, not paradigms.’


I want to show that culture strengthens. We were recently nominated by the Financieel Dagblad as one of the 50 most talented entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. That feels good!


The Black Lives Matter movement is the testimony of a changing, more inclusive, globalizing society. The result of people growing up together and being able to build the bridge between black and white. A benchmark of our image as a society and I am part of that generation. We are a harbinger of changing norms and values, also in our consumption. So brace yourself!


My favorite brand is Patagonia. Activist and of this time.

Close to Reality

I like Bose’s “It’s beautiful up here” campaign. It outlines an inclusive world that is close to reality.

Current Generation

My favorite advertising agencies are Herc and Hammerfest. Agencies that understand the ideas of the current generation and also build the necessary bridges between them.

Social impact

I don’t have a favorite marketer, but I can paint a picture. He (or she) understands the social impact of his message, understands the social context of his work in the long and short term and also respects this.

Lack of guts

I am annoyed by the lack of innovation and guts in the advertising industry. The long-term effect of the work we make paints the world view of a large group of people, but this seems not yet understood. We see trends, not paradigms. Unfortunately.

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